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Atul Gupta – The Importance of a New Business Name

Finding a new name for your business is as crucial as starting a new business as people generally judge a person as well as a company by its name. This makes it essential for the startup to make careful consideration before arriving at the right name for it. The reason behind this is that internet is becoming the new way of doing business today. Perhaps, this is what has made finding a perfect name for the business an uphill task for business owners in the current scenario.

According to Atul Gupta, the importance of looking for the right name for your business is immense, as it plays a key role in determining the direction it is going to move in, in the future. The fact is that though they want to look for something exciting and outstanding, yet they are not ready to give up their reliability in the business area, such as consultation and financial services. The idea is to look for such a name, which enables your business to grab the attention of the prospective clients, but not at the cost of downplaying its principles. In this case, don’t expect friends or family members to help you find something which is just perfect, and short listing out of a large number of available options can be a waste of time too.

“On the other hand, large businesses, which rely on a great deal of brainstorming to find a good name for their business, may also end up with unsatisfactory results, as they make a great waste of valuable resources such as money and time to test the name so that it does not offend others”, reiterates Atul Gupta, CEO of the South Africa based innovation company called The Smart Inventor. “This is the primary reason that big businesses become overconfident and get just flat and descriptive names for themselves, which turn out to be unimpressive and useless”.

Alternatively, business can enlist help in the form of the services of a specialized business naming firm, which can help them find a cool and meaningful name for the business, which can help it garner more clients in the long run. Primarily, Atul Gupta suggests to look for three things while finalizing the name for your business. The first thing is that the name should be hard hitting enough to grab attention in the first impression itself. Secondly, the name should be different, not odd and it should have the flexibility to be extended later on. Thirdly and most importantly, the name of the business should be web friendly, preferably such that the domain name should be free.

Choosing a new business name by keeping all these factors in mind is definitely going to be of great help to make your business stand apart in the current online marketing scenario.

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